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You get freedom, creativity and just enough commitment.

The Future of work.

Tough trading conditions have created an environment for innovation and transformation, we need to re-think business models and performance, challenging the way we operate.

​Makerz enables you to access the best creatives on a temporary or contract basis, and pay them fairly for the work that they do, without any other benefits costs.

Our hub provides a cost effective solution that gives both companies and the creative workers full control.

​Driving ROI whilst saving costs, our goal is to enable businesses to scale resources and access talented creatives on a ad-hoc basis as well as allow Makerz to work when they want on projects they can be passionate about.

The perfect “no strings attached” relationship.

Scale resources according to demand.

Whether you are a small business or not, getting a full time creative professional can be expensive, tricky and probably not the best time as we are all facing an unprecedented world crisis.

Each of us have learned a lot about the different challenges facing brands over the years and across different sectors. We will always find the most suitable team to perfect and drive your project.

To summarise, you get freedom, creativity and just enough commitment.

How We


Our Vision

Our Vision is to provide a trusted hub easing the relationship between creative workers and companies. A relationship that benefits the businesses by providing flexible access to Makerz for specific projects and employment for those searching for flexible work.

Our Values


Always learning,

always asking questions, always educating others. Never self-righteous, never assuming, never withholding.


Striving to support our teammates, pushing towards the best solutions, setting the bar high and going beyond. Not pushing others harder than we would push ourselves.


Our attitude and approach is always friendly, can-do, creative and collaborative.

Our Promises


Because “without strategy, content is just stuff, and the world has enough of stuff”. We don’t just do things for the sake of doing them. We analyse, think and plan so every service we provide your brand will make sense in the long run.


While we like to create awesome, buzzing ideas, at the end of the day, clients need efficiency. Whether you allow us to go crazy or not with our ideas and concepts, you can rest assured that we always have one thing in mind: your return on investment.


The digital sphere is constantly changing, so each Makerz dedicate a lot of our time to research, reading, watching! Staying ahead of the game is important so we can continuously advise you on how to take the maximum advantage of the platforms out there, with a minimum budget.

This is the time
to adapt, not to wait.